Thursday, June 28, 2012

This is a neat product that I found at for a creative typography. I am hoping to purchase this soon. It looks amazing! Karen's blog has lots of great ideas on the blog as well as neat giveaways.

Family thoughts

I have some health problems and so I am often sitting or laying in bed remembering times when I had so much energy and life. I still have lots of dreams, but just not as much energy. I really enjoy Pinterest because it gives me so many glimpses of my childhood memories, ideas for fun things that I might feel like doing (or used to do), and most of all, a smile. There are so many glimpses into art, funny sayings, and pictures that put a smile on my face. I know that I don't have many followers yet, but I am also writing my blog for my children and my new grandbaby. I hope that they will be able to read what I have written and get to see a part of me that they may not have known existed. I'm sure anyone could look at my Pinterest board and see right away that I am a romantic and I love beautiful vintage items and lovely gardens. I also love to read....a trait that I passed on to my son but recently my daughter has been reading more. I still have faith in people and in our country although at times I feel that we have lost a lot of innocence and love that I had when I was growing up. When I was a little girl, I got to see my grandparents at least once a week or more and I always was close to cousins and family. It makes me sad that so many of our families have to move away for work or go to college and find a new life somewhere else. I know that is a part of life, but I miss the days of being with family. Thank goodness for my grandmother (Nonny) and grandfather (Papa) because when my children were little and I was working, they were always available to help. I miss them so much that as I sit here and type this out, tears are streaming down my cheeks. I miss the love that was so strong that I never had to question one second of it. But, I know they are both in heaven and still loving me from above. I got the pleasure of spending some time with family at our family reunion that has always been held on the second weekend of June. When I was young, there were sometimes 250 people who traveled to Stamford, Texas where we had the best time in a big bunk house. A lot of us slept there. I had some of the best times of my childhood there. Now, the only family that attends are what is left of my grandfather's siblings and some of the children and grandchildren. I still have my great Uncle Henry, Aunt America Jean, Aunt Billie Jo, and Uncle Morris. My mom and Aunt Beck were both there and I haven't been together with the two of them in years. It was so fun to be with family.

Thomas Ray and his children, (left to right back) Morris Ray, Willis Ray, Dallas Ray, Henry Ray, (front) Billie Jo Ray, American Jean Ray taken in the early 1940s.

Family left from my Papa's family who were all at the family reunion this year, (left to right) Billie Jo, Henry, America Jean, Morris

And, we got to go visit my daughter and new grandson. My mother is such a proud great grandmother. This is the picture of 4 generations.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pretty Bow for a Pretty Girl

When my baby girl was little, I was always making pretty bows for her hair to go with all of her pretty little outfits. As you know, she recently gave birth to my first grandbaby boy, Luke. I hope she has a little girl next, because there is nothing more fun than all of the little girl frills.

My aunt was recently here to visit and asked if I could make her grandaughter Cheyenne a couple of bows. I experimented and I think this first bow turned out beautiful. I just love black, white and khaki! Hope they like it. I am currently experimenting with the twisted ribbon bow (will post soon). If anyone is interested, I will post pictures of step by step instructions for making a beautiful bow! Please comment! I would love to hear some thoughts....?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I crocheted a hammock for a photo prop that I downloaded from Ravelry ( for my new grandson. The photogrophers loved it and I think it turned out so precious! I will post new pics after the kids look at the proofs. This will be such fun to keep track of the progress that baby Luke will be making over the next year! Adair Photography will take his photos every 3 months, so I will keep you posted!

My Baby Boo

On May 19, 2012, my first grandson, Luke, was born. He was three weeks early, but a strong and healthy baby boy. In my eyes, he is an angel. He has the most beautiful complexion and perfect little lips. I love him more than words...I didn't think I could love anyone as much as my own children, but he has filled my heart with such love and joy. My daughter is a wonderful mother and her husband is so supportive and such a great daddy for baby Luke. They have been blessed with a baby who hardly ever fusses! He is a truly a blessing to our family...our little gift from God.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Georgia O'Keefe

I purchased a couple of Georgia O'Keefe prints in Santa Fe, New Mexico about 7 years ago at an art gallery. They have been rolled up in the tube we purchased them in for all that time....until about 2 months ago (yeah)...only I still haven't framed the other because I'm not sure where it will hang (it is a beautiful red flower). I had it matted and framed at the Hobby L store. They have great prices on matts and the frame was not custom.The mat took time because it was so large, it had to be ordered; however, the entire project was about 2 weeks. There is a large variety of pre-made frames that get quite large and the entire cost with the museum glass was only ~$200.

I am having my bathroom updated and some wall paper removed to texture the walls and I have a big wall over my tub. The print is actually pretty large, but fit perfect. I love the mat choice, green is one of my favorite colors. Anyway, it is finally framed and hung and really makes for a smile on my face every morning when I get up!